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Copy of BeMe


◼︎ In February 2015 my friend Casey Neistat asked me to take part in a new project as a Beta Tester to try and improve a new video sharing application. Initially I knew almost nothing about the project except that the main objective was to develop a more honest App, without filters, without previews and most importantly an App that will not block the real life view between the user eyes and what he was documenting. After months of testing and hundreds of changes the App has landed on the App Store and it was used by millions of users from all around the globe, connecting people and their stories with the opportunity to share you reactions with them. On November 28, 2016, CNN announced the acquisition of Beme Inc. for a reported US$25 million.[9] On November 29, 2016, Matt Hackett, co-founder of Beme Inc., announced via an email to its users that the Beme app would be shutting down on January 31, 2017.[10] Since the shutdown of the app, it was announced that CNN intended to use the current talent behind the Beme app to work on a separate start-up endeavor. Beme's current team will retain full creative control of the new project which is scheduled to release in the summer of 2017.[11] Beme have also brought on other internet stars such as the host of Vsauce 3Jake Roper, as Head of Production

THOSE ARE SOME OF MY FAVOURITE LIVE REACTIONS OF MY VIDEOS, chosen from the over 40000 people who watched my life thru their cellphone: