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Walkthrough: Corviale

Designed by Mario Fiorentino and his team this building is the longest unique body structure in Europe. A parallelepiped monument of failure.


All the fields around the complex are covered in trash bags and garbage. Most of them are Columbia blue.


Built in 1972 this complex host more than 1200 apartments plus an unknown number of squat houses.


Another day exploring the Serpentone. This time I brought my dad with me, thirty years ago he used to sleep in a tent inside the backyard of the building. 


Il Serpentone - The inside of the building is very rough and my cameras don't know where to look first.


Il Serpentone - The building include: theater, art gallery, drugs dealers, farmer markets, library, elders center, guns blackmarket, psychiatric center, municipal police station, cars blackmarket, dentist, church, anti-mafia organization and many other activities.


Morning walk thru one of the most controversial architecture works of the continent. It's amazing how much quite those hallways are in a spring morning!


Good morning folks. I'm looking for some interesting faces in the streets of Corviale but nobody seems to be around. I feel like I'm in B series movie today.


There is 8000 people living in this building. Sadly most of them don't walk around here except for throwing some trash out.


Most of the people living in here don't have a functional mailbox and delivering a package to the door is almost impossible in this labyrinth.


Rooftops is my favorite space of a building and should always be used daily. Sadly in Corviale we have a full kilometer of rooftop, closed with gates and big locks, left to his own destiny from the late seventies.


This place is amazing in a weird way. Learn more with me during this days.