A DAILY BLOG by an italian flÂneur


Graffiti morning in progress. Fregene, Italy

Another graffiti afternoon. Dragona, Italy.

Me and my mate Riccardo on the set of our new project. Dragona, Italy.

Painting with Blonde. Dragona, Italy.

Today's work. All You Need is Love. Dragona, Italy.

Almost done. Dragona, Italy.

On the road. Rome, Italy.

I found my lost camera in a bar. My name is engraved on it. Thanks Casey Neistat!Now let's paint with Groove. Roma, Italy.

Monte - The wall is falling apart and now you can see the inside of this man head. Open your brain to me. Roma, Italy.

This kid is helping like a pro. Casal Bernocchi, Italy.

Graffiti day with my mate Riccardo. Rome, Italy.

Another graffiti day in the outskirts of Roma, Italy.

Walking around abandoned buildings in Fiumicino. Yes, you guys were here with me years ago when my friends painted all this place. Roma, Italy.

Another day in Casal Bernocchi. Rome, Italy.

Rat/wolfs creatures are growing up. Graffiti day with my mate pt.II Roma, Italy  

Highway painting day. Perugia, Italy.

Groove is painting at 17:30pm and it looks like midnight. Looks good tho. Dragona, Italy.

Crazy hot location today. Shirtless. Perugia, Italy.

Airport area Graffiti update. Roma, Italy.

Monte - The paint is slowly falling down but everything is still in great conditions for an abandoned place. Roma, Italy.

Another day with Groove and some paints. Casal Bernocchi, Italy.