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Welcome in Pisa folks! This city hosts 91,100 souls (around 200.000 if we count the entire metropolitan area) on a total area of roughly 185 sq Km. This is my first time here and I only have a handful of hours, let’s go explore!

Another Street Photography morning trying to read the city. Later I will let the city read me and guide me somewhere else.

Back in the days the leaning tower of Pisa was an embarrassment to the eyes of dictator Benito Mussolini. He considered it like a national disgrace and he set out to fix it. He’s plan was to drill hundreds of holes in the base of the tower and pump in grout and mortar in order to ballast the entire structure. Did it worked? Not at all, all this accomplished was to create an even heavier base that made the tower lean even more due to the softens of the subsoil. The funny part is that the name of the city comes from the Greek word “marshy land”!

The baptistery of San Giovanni is the largest baptistery in Italy, with 54.8 meters in hight, 34.1 meters in diameter and a circumference of 107.2 meters. Constructions started in 1153 by the architect Diotisalvi and it was completed in 1363 with the help of different master builders like the Pisano’s family.

Training my mind with some street photography & some walking around.

Shooting some architecture in a busy location? No prob, just incorporate every passersby in the shot, even the not amused ones.