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Walkthrough: Paris

One of the perfect editing studio for me will be mr.Eiffel apartment on the very top of the Eiffel Tower. 1710 stairs above the city, an amazing view, a cozy tiny metal place and total isolation above the clouds of Paris. Love it.

PHONE LIBRARY | In the 1940 Paris was under German occupation and the French resitance cut all the lift cables forcing the tower to close to the public for six years. When Hitler visited the city stairs were the only option but he decided to not walk up, what a lazy bastard.

PHONE LIBRARY | In the 1940 Paris was under German occupation and the French resitance cut all the lift cables forcing the tower to close to the public for six years. When Hitler visited the city stairs were the only option but he decided to not walk up, what a lazy bastard.

PHONE LIBRARY | Let's start exploring the streets, the people, the food & the culture of this gorgeous city. Welcome in Paris folks.

PHONE LIBRARY | Cruising on the Seine river with a bunch of cameras and a notebook. One day I will love to explore all is 780 kilometers of length and learn all about this fascinating river.

PHONE LIBRARY | Exploring Paris markets in a cold morning. I'm trying any kinds of interesting food that I can find and I'm stealing so many shots in here. Love it.

PHONE LIBRARY | Sacré-Cœur, located in the 18th arrondissement, was built atop the hill of Montmartre at an altitude of 130 meters above sea level. The dome and the bell tower are both 83m high, making it the second highest point in Paris, but the view over the city from this place is incomparable.

PHONE LIBRARY | My main camera it's falling apart but we still walk around together every day. So many places, so many shots, so many bails. How are you Paris ? How are you other cameras ?

With around 84 million foreign tourists in the last year, France is the world's leading tourist destination. International events, many museums opening, galleries, wine tourism, food tourism, cultural events, top skiing destinations, top seaside destinations, an amazing countryside & many hundreds more reason to visit this amazing nation. Fuck terrorism.

PHONE LIBRARY | I need a French friend to practice with when I'm not in Paris. French it's not only a beautiful language but it's also the official language of around 30 countries including: Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Haiti, Madagascar, Congo, Niger and many more African countries.

Building new things around and inside myself, destroying & repairing new walls, studying & planning new paths, hiding & sharing new thoughts. I guess everything is under construction at this point.

Since the summer of 2002 the office of the mayor of Paris creates temporary artificial beaches along the river Seine. Now every summer tons of sand, beach chairs, floating swimming pool, palm trees, food stands & more, are brought to the pedestrians banks transforming them into city beaches called Paris Plages.

This is the Moulin Rouge, the first electric powered building in the city, an historic entertainment institution that survived two world wars, a devastating fire in 1915 and several economic crisis. A symbol of Paris bohemian era made up of dances & shows.

PHONE LIBRARY | On the morning of June 26, 1971, a man named Philippe Petit secretly installed a wire between the two towers of Notre Dame de Paris, then he walked on it and started to do the thing he loved most, in one of the best locations in the city. Love it.

PHONE LIBRARY | Good morning folks! I just finished a great buttery breakfast here in Paris and now I'm hitting the streets ready to shot & film some new works. A wet morning is usually a good morning. How are you today folks ?

PHONE LIBRARY | I'm making a little movie about my street photography walk in Montmartre, a beautiful place where every corner looks like a perfect location. My cameras and my notebook are very happy about it.

PHONE LIBRARY | Night time Street Photography session under the rain. I'm looking for interesting eyes & lineaments but this city is stealing my attention. How are you tonight folks?

PHONE LIBRARY | At the center of Place De La République you can see a 9.4 meters bronze statue of Marianne, the personification of the French republican, standing on a 23 meters monument surrounded by three other statues personifying liberty, equality and fraternity, the values of French Republic.

Hello folks! Today I'm bringing my mom with me for a walk thru Paris before heading to my auntie home, the last time they saw each other was almost ten years ago.

During World War II the mosque of Paris helped the Jews escape from the Nazis by giving them Muslim ID's. Nowadays people see them as terrorist and sometimes awful words flys in the air when a Muslim walks by. I love you Paris but don't be stupid, don't be ignorant and remember that you can't tar everyone with the same brush.

Living in this neighborhood for a bunch of days it's a dream come true. I always wanted to wake up, jump down stairs for some great French food and hit the streets of this magical place with my cameras. How are you today Montmartre ?

Let's get lost in the streets of this city again. My cameras are charged, my ink in in my bag and my headphones are on. Where do you want to go folks ?

PHONE LIBRARY | In 1163 the first cornerstone was laid down and construction begins. After many changes, deaths and years of hard work, the catholic cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris was finally completed in 1345 but it was altered several time during the French Revolution, World wars and controversial restoration programs.

PHONE LIBRARY | Here I felt in love with skateboarding for the first time, here I decided what I wanted to do when I grew up, here I had one of the best weeks of my life, here I felt a waste of space for the first time. How are you tonight Paris? Love ya.

PHONE LIBRARY | Any tips about some amazing place in Paris that I should definitely visit? I don't have much time here, especially because I have some work to do, but if you know please share your experiences. (I have been more than ten times here so don't tell me about tourist stuff)

PHONE LIBRARY | The very first time I saw Paris I was a little kid and this was my view. Like at the time, classical music is echoing all over the balcony and the noise of the city is driving my eyes around the landscape. How are you Paris?

PHONE LIBRARY | My notebook is filling up and I had to beg for some ink, thankfully I'm walking around a bunch of painters and Montmartre is taking care of all my needs. Thank you Paris.

The cimetière du Nord, also known as Montmartre Cemetery, exist since the 1824 and is located in an abandoned gypsum quarry in the 18th arrondissement. With around 20.000 graves scattered over 11 hectares this is the resting place of many artists, authors, architects, actors, politicians & many other amazing people making it one of the most interesting place to stroll around with a history book, or just with the Internet...

PHONE LIBRARY | Paris population is around 2.3 million but the entire metropolitan area, including all the suburbs, hosts around 10.5 million human souls. Let's explore some of it.

Another nice thing about France is that beauty pageants for children are banned here. They are punishable with up to two years in prison and a €30.000 fine. Dear Americans, please take notes.

Another Street Photography session in the streets of Paris. My belly is full of croissants, milk & almonds, now my feet are ready to work for a bunch of hours and my cameras needs to meet new people. Let's go folks.