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Walkthrough: Dragona

Happy birthday Rome! According to the legend this city was founded by Romolo on April 21 753bc, called Dies Romana but known as the Christmas of Rome, this day is also my birthday. 


Hello folks! How are you today? Sorry for the lack of adventures during this days but I'm editing some other adventures on my laptop. 


I need more alive subjects. This location is amazing as usual but there is nobody around, literally nobody. I think i should bike thru Ostia to find some interesting faces in the streets...


Can you be considered lazy even if you are doing dozen of things & works on a daily base? That's how I feel today.


Trees in the middle of the road, knocked out lampposts, potholes that look like caves and several flooding spread around the city. How was your weekend folks ?


I locked myself up here with a notebook, a laptop and my headphones. Let's write some movies for my upcoming journey thru New York City!


Another little thought for my friend Alfredo who left this world some days ago. Thanks for all the stories you shared with me, the fun time in your circus and thanks for all your support since I was a little kid. Miss ya.


I'm basically vlogging on Beme every day. If you want to join my daily adventures just download this amazing free app and start sharing your stories. What are you folks up to ?


After so many sunset shots from everywhere, my camera is finally fusing with the sun light, stealing some nature super powers, extra battery life & hopefully some luck. I'll let you know if I will experience some weird side effects folks!


I'm editing a movie in my studio, probably the smallest in the world, and my brain needs some wider space for this project. Let's edit on the rooftop.


Taking a break to think about my next move. Usually I always have a clear mind but in this days the world is playing tricks on me.


Another day at home fixing my garden and editing a little movie. Where we should walk the next week folks ? Any suggestions?


Chit-chatting with my grandpa while fixing the garden. Stressed out? Bad mood? Depressed ? Bored ? Go grow something and you will find all your solutions while making something.


Finally finished all the extra works for this weekend. Now I can focus on this shooting and on a bunch of hours of editing in this fields. How is your day folks?


At the office working on the Blog, new articles coming out in one hour. How are you today folks ? Thank you so much for all the emails, it's amazing to see that some of you actually read about my walks.